The first thing that springs to mind when I think of Spain, is tapas. If like me, the first thing you think of when waking up is food, if you love trying new exciting dishes, watch Masterchef religiously and generally are a huge foodie, then Granada is most definitely the place for you. Whereas in the rest of Spain you pay for your tapas (and quite
Around this time of year, in Plaza Bib-Rambla in the Albayzin, the air is constantly fragranced with sugar. Here you will find the epicentre of one of Spain, and Andalusia’s greatest Christmas traditions: los dulces de Navidad. Casa Pasteles, situated on the Plaza, is one of the best cake shops in Granada and it is renowned for these handmade sweet
There are four public holidays in Spain in December and the first is one of the few not related to religion.  El Día de la Constitucion (or Constitution Day) recognises the moment when the country moved towards modernity. On the 6th December 1978, a new constitution was approved in Spain, thanks to a referendum. After Franco died in 1975, a ne
Spanish property prices are likely to rise 6% a year, for the next three years, according to Humphrey White, the head of Knight Frank estate agents in Spain. As Spanish Property Insights reported last week, White considers that this relatively low rate of increase means the price rises are ‘sustainable’. Underlying these rises are several factors:
Granada is the city of the pomegranate…or is it? It is pomegranate season in the northern hemisphere and, if you have spent any time in Granada, you will soon realise that this slightly grumpy-looking fruit is very much part of the city’s heritage. Look at some of the beautiful painted pottery, and you will see a pomegranate is the main motif; look
One of the greatest draws of Andalucia is its geographical position. Apart from the obvious attractions of the heat and the sunshine, it also offers access to mountains (the Sierra Nevada) and the Mediterranean. And, if you want to find a property that is well situated to make the most of both of those, then it might be worth considering the Lecrin
If you are from northern Europe and move south, whether to France, Italy or Spain, you will quickly become aware that there are a lot more holidays, or holy days, than in your own country. Sometimes they are connected to Catholicism, sometimes they are national holidays but they will all, without fail be celebrated in style. This week’s holiday, on
Summer may be nearly over but we look back with fondness on exciting times last month. Unlike in countries in the North of the continent, here in Spain as in France and many other Catholic countries, the 15th August is a public holiday, a day on which no business will get done. For anyone used to a 24-hour culture of work, this can be ext
Back in 2008 if you wanted your name written elegantly in Arabic it used to cost €3. With the arrival of the crisis the street calligraphers dropped their prices. By 2011 you could get the same thing for €1. Today, for the first time in at least five years, the price has doubled to €2. A sign of things to come.....?
According to the June statistics from the Instituto Nacional de Estadisticas (INE) there were 36.856 property transactions in the month, which is the highest figure since January 2013. Even more important from our point of view is that the overall figure masks a fall in new builds. Excluding these, which make up less than 18% of total transact

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