We are often asked this question by clients intending to buy property in Andalucia. Very often it is because they have been asked to pay for "furniture" separately from the purchase of property and to do so in cash. Firstly let's deal with how much cash you can bring into the country. Law 10/2010, of 28th April, on the prevention of money la
  The Spanish long distance railroad network is known for its reliability and safety. Spaniards have embraced the train as one of the fastest and more convenient ways to move around the country. For Andalucía, the train is a vital infrastructure to ensure not only good connections with Madrid and Barcelona, the key business nodes in Spain, but
  Think about how many times you have found yourself daydreaming about leaving everything behind and starting a new life elsewhere. Somewhere far away from the hectic city life, where you could swap big supermarket chains for local farmers markets where fresh produce went directly from the land to your table. Where, even during the peak of the
Everybody has heard of tapas bars, most of us have eaten in them, they’re ubiquitous in many European countries. But what exactly is tapas ? And where does it come from?  According to the Real Academia Española, voice of authority on the Spanish language, a tapa, in this context, is a small portion of food served as an accompaniment to a drink
Overlooking the Iznájar reservoir is the whitewashed town of Rute, dwarfed by the Sierra de Rute that looms above it. It is one of the gorgeous towns that forms part of the Subbética Region of Córdoba. Rute, which comes from the word “Ruta" in Spanish or "Route" in English, came into existence as a result of Spanish soldiers passing through that ar
Here in Andalucia we have gone through the 6th wave of Covid-19 and are now steadily making a recovery. The Covid passports (certification of full vaccination) that were introduced as compulsory for entry into bars, restaurants, hospitals, health centres and so on from the 9th of December 2021 have been done away with from today, the 15th of Februa
According to statistics produced by Spain's INE (Instituto Nacional de Estadisticas), by the end of 2021 more people were in employment than before the coronavirus pandemic started in March 2020. During the year 2021 Spain created 841.000 jobs, the largest increase since 2005. At 20.184.900, there are now 4% more people actively employed than at th
This past weekend the annual Andalusian Aerostation Festival took place in the province of Granada. Every year around this time sees the sky filled with hot air balloons over some exquisite Andalusian landscape. In recent years, the province of Granada has been a particular favourite for the festival, not only because of the breathtaking scenery th
They’ve become nationally and internationally acclaimed for their intricately detailed and human-like puppets made of carved wood and silicone and performances accompanied by live orchestral music. They have innovated and adapted their shows for huge audiences by using ultra-violet lights to make the puppets more visible in huge sold-out performanc
The city of Granada offers no shortage of options for adventures and enjoying nature. Anyone who has explored it even a little bit will know that Granada has a ski resort just behind it, cave houses in its very centre, the countryside a quick walk from almost anywhere in the city and beaches under an hour away. However, did you know that the p

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